The effect of macro-attributes on the development of the energy service company concept in the intramural care sector

  • F. van Lier

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master


The intramural care sector is facing many difficulties. Since the introduction of the "Wet Toelating Zorginstelling" (WTZi) financial efficiency and "leaning" the care process have become daily issues. The ESCo concept compromises great benefits for this sector, resulting in decreasing distractions, improving the focus on the core business, decreasing costs and increasing comfort during this process. However, ESCo's remain unknown. This research identifies macro-economic, political and social factors influencing the development of the ESCo market, resulting in a System Dynamics model displaying the development of the ESCo market, showing the initial required steps in the field of marketing and ESCo deployment, acting as a guideline for different stakeholders aiming to improve the development of the ESCo market in the intramural care sector.
Datum prijs30 apr. 2013
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BegeleiderBauke de Vries (Afstudeerdocent 1), J. Dijkstra (Afstudeerdocent 2) & J.J.A. Mieris (Externe coach)

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