Metamaterial AMC backed Antenna for Body-worn Application at 2.45 GHz

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Antennas worn on the human body for off-body
communication suffer from impedance detuning, a significant
drop in gain and efficiency due to the body degrading the antenna
performance. An Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC), which is
a type of metamaterial could shield the antenna from radiating
towards the body, reducing the drop in gain and efficiency
while having sufficient impedance bandwidth and good coverage.
An AMC backed Coplanar fed Inverted-F Antenna (CPW-IFA)
operating at the 2.45 GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical
(ISM) band was designed, simulated, fabricated and analyzed.
The AMC was realized through a High Impedance Surface (HIS).
A unit cell is designed and a 2×2 array was used to back the CPWIFA
and then optimized. Results show that the novel antenna
is very robust to impedance detuning: the resonant frequency
shifting more than 50 times less than the reference CPW-IFA
when placed on the body. The simulated gain of 6.5 dBi and a 3
dB beamwidth of 86° show good coverage away from the body.
The gain of the antenna, when placed on the body, dropped only
by 0.8 dB while the radiation efficiency was 71% on the body. The
compact 60 mm×60 mm×3.28 mm metamaterial backed antenna
with a corresponding wavelength form factor of 0.5×0.5×0.027 is
suitable for integration with wearable electronics.
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  • Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
SponsorenPhilips Innovation Labs
BegeleiderV. Lancellotti (Afstudeerdocent 1), M. Kleijnen (Afstudeerdocent 2) & G. Doodeman (Externe coach)

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