Large scale ad-hoc network simulations with hardware-in-the-loop

  • H. de Haas

Scriptie/Masterproef: Master


Application developers of mobile networked systems must frequently guarantee that their solutions will meet performance requirements - such as reliability, latency, or throughput - after deployment in a large scale network. However, such networks are seldom available or affordable at initial stages of the development cycle. As a result the real effect of the network behavior on the application under development remains inaccurate or unknown. This work introduces techniques and solutions for a hardware-in-the-loop development environment that combines large scale ad-hoc mobile network simulators with real hardware (mobile) devices. This strategy allows designers to develop their applications in real devices while concurrently testing and validating them against simulated behavior of the network under controlled conditions
Datum prijs28 feb 2014
Originele taalEngels
BegeleiderSander Stuijk (Afstudeerdocent 1) & J.A. de Oliveira Filho (Externe coach)

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