Electromagnetic fault injection using transient pulse injections
: a comparison of EM-FI and optical-FI on smart cards

  • M.A.P. Aarts

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An analysis of the effectiveness of fault injection attacks on smart cards using the transient pulse variety of electromagnetic fault injections. This thesis addresses the best testing method to use when using EM-FI technology and describes the types of effects that may be obtained. It also compares the effectiveness of EM-FI in contrast to other methods, such as laser-based optical fault injection, along with the advantages and disadvantages of both. It helps to distinguish in which situations EM-FI is a more viable or better option than optical FI techniques and gives insights into whether common fault injection protection mechanisms and countermeasures are effective against EM-FI or if additional security testing and new EM-FI specific countermeasures and certifications are required.
Datum prijs31 dec. 2013
Originele taalEngels
BegeleiderJerry I. den Hartog (Afstudeerdocent 1), L.A.M. (Berry) Schoenmakers (Afstudeerdocent 2), I. Buhan-Dulman (Externe coach) & F. Menarini (Externe coach)

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