ZigBee test framework

B. Bui Tat Minh, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TUE). Stan Ackermans Instituut. Software Technology (ST)

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This project aims to build up a common ZigBee test framework. The common test framework can be used by teams developing devices using ZigBee. The objective is to reuse of the test infrastructure, test xtures as well as to simplify the exchange of test engineers between teams. In this project, we have developed a test framework using the C# plugin architecture. We have developed a Hue Bridge plugin and an EWAC plugin, deployed them into the Bridge regression test and EWAC test. The existing test fixtures using the Bridge/EWAC plugins test interfaces have been used to validate the correct functioning of the plugins. We also have a design demonstration of a support function, e.g., the test conguration to be extendable to different test environments.
The project results are an evolutionary step towards an unifying test framework among development teams.
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  • Wijs, Anton J., Begeleider
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