X-ray imaging sensor arrays on foil using solution processed organic photodiodes and organic transistors

A. Kumar, D. Moet, J.L. van der Steen, A. Tripathi, F.G. Rodriguez, J. Maas, M. Simon, W. Reutten, A. Douglas, R. Raaijmakers, P.E. Malinowski, K. Myny, U. Shafique, R. Andriessen, P. Heremans, G. Gelinck

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We demonstrate organic imaging sensor arrays fabricated on flexible plastic foil with the solution processing route for both photodiodes and thin film transistors. We used the photovoltaic P3HT:PCBM blend for fabricating the photodiodes using spin coating and pentacene as semiconductor material for the TFTs. Photodiodes fabricated with P3HT:PCBM absorb in the green part of the visible spectrum which matches with the typical scintillator output wavelength. The arrays consist of 32x32 pixels with variation in pixel resolution of 200μmx200μm, 300μmx300μm and of 1mmx1mm. The accurate reproducibility of shadow images of the objects demonstrates the potential of these arrays for imaging purposes. We also demonstrate that the crosstalk is relatively insignificant despite the fact that the active photodiode forms a continuous layer in the array. Since both photodiodes and TFTs are made of organic material, they are processed at low temperatures below 150°C on foil which means that these imaging sensors can be flexible, light weight and low cost when compared to conventional amorphous silicon based imaging sensors on rigid substrates. In combination with a scintillator on top of the arrays, we show the potential of these arrays for the X-ray imaging applications. 

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TitelOrganic photonics VI
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014
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EvenementOrganic photonics VI - Brussels, België
Duur: 15 apr 201416 apr 2014

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CongresOrganic photonics VI


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