Workflow data footprints

N. Trcka

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Traditional business workflows are activity-centric, i.e., they focus mostly on specifying the control-flow aspect of business processes. The data aspect, although equally relevant, is attached to the control-flow later, as a second rate citizen, making the actual document sharing and exchange much less transparent and harder to verify. In this paper we introduce the notion of a data footprint, a directed graph representing the flow of some (user-specified) data elements, abstracting, as much as possible, from all the other aspects. We show how data footprints can be obtained automatically and efficiently from every activity-centric workflow that includes some conceptual data information. We also show how a footprint can be used to discover data-flow errors, or to compare the modeled object life-cycle with the required one.
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TitelBusiness Information Systems (13th International Conference, BIS 2010, Berlin, Germany, May 3-5, 2010. Proceedings)
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