Work in progress : developing tools that support the design of easily maintainable rolling stock

W. Mulder, R.J.I. Basten, J.M. Jauregui Becker, L.A.M. van Dongen

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Maintenance activities strongly influence the operational availability and life cycle costs of rolling stock. To achieve an effective and efficient maintenance process, it is essential that the design of the trains and its maintenance service are well-aligned. We conduct research on how the design of industrial equipment, such as rolling stock, and the design of its maintenance service influence the maintenance process. We use our findings for the development of methods and tools that support the use of maintenance knowledge in the equipment design process. An example of a past train development project shows that re- designing the mounting construction of a compressor has led to lower maintenance costs and a higher availability of both the trains and the maintenance resources. Based on such examples from industry and from findings in the literature, we expect that our research can contribute to better design decisions, which ultimately results in production systems that are cost-effective over their whole life time
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TitelProceedings of the 2nd International Through-Life Engineering Services Conference, 5-6 November 2013, Cranfield, United Kingdom
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