Wireless sensor networks for a zero-energy home

R. Venkatesha Prasad, V.S. Rao, I.G.M.M. Niemegeers, S.M. Heemstra De Groot

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Energy, especially Electricity has become a critical concern of society. The generation and distribution are, to a large extent, not matched with each other. There are many initiatives to balance the load on the Grid vis-à-vis production and consumption. Recently, technology has made it possible to generate small amounts of energy in each household with solar, thermal, wind and other sources. With storage devices, it is possible to use the generated energy at the sources i.e., localized generation and consumption of energy. The system can be made efficient and possibly design a zero or positive-energy home with the use ICT infrastructure, wireless sensor networks, in particular. This paper proposes a three-layered architecture for this system and also lists several associated issues and challenges.

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TitelMobile Lightweight Wireless Systems
SubtitelThird International ICST Conference, MOBILIGHT 2011, Bilbao, Spain, May 9-10, 2011, Revised Selected Papers
RedacteurenJ. Del Ser, E.A. Jorswieck, J. Miguez, M. Matinmikko, D.P. Palomar, S. Salcedo-Sanz, S. Gil-Lopez
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2012
Evenement3rd International ICST Conference on Mobile Lightweight Wireless Systems, MOBILIGHT 2011 - Bilbao, Spanje
Duur: 9 mei 201110 mei 2011

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NaamLecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering
Volume81 LNICST
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Congres3rd International ICST Conference on Mobile Lightweight Wireless Systems, MOBILIGHT 2011

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