Wire-type waveguide for TeraHertz radiation

L. Tripodi (Uitvinder), J. Gomez Rivas (Uitvinder), P.G. Leuven, van (Uitvinder), M.C. Beurden, van (Uitvinder), A. Berrier (Uitvinder), M. Matters - Kammerer (Uitvinder)

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In order to guide electromagnetic waves in the terahertz range over long distances of several meters with low bending losses and large bandwidth, a device, a system and a method are provided such that electromagnetic waves in the terahertz range can be coupled into a wire having a core structure and at least one confinement structure, wherein the confinement structure extends continuously along a length of the wire.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 19 apr 2012

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    Tripodi, L., Gomez Rivas, J., Leuven, van, P. G., Beurden, van, M. C., Berrier, A., & Matters - Kammerer, M. (2012). Wire-type waveguide for TeraHertz radiation. (Octrooi Nr. WO2012049587).