Who are my ancestors? : retrieving family relationships from historical texts

I. Efremova, A. Montes Garcia, A.J. Bolt Iriondo, T.G.K. Calders

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This paper presents an approach for automatically retrieving family relationships from a real-world collection of Dutch historical notary acts. We aim to retrieve relationships like husband - wife, parent - child, widow of, etc. Our approach includes person names extraction, reference disambiguation, candidate generation and family relationship prediction. Since we have a limited amount of training data, we evaluate different feature configurations based on the n-gram analysis. The best results were obtained by using a combination of bi-grams and trigrams of words together with the distance in words between two names. We evaluate our results for each type of the relationships in terms of precision, recall and f - score.
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TitelInformation Retrieval
Subtitel9th Russian Summer School, RuSSIR 2015, Saint Petersburg, Russia, August 24-28, 2015, Revised Selected Papers
RedacteurenP. Braslavski , I. Markov, P. Pardalos, Y. Volkovich, D.I. Ignatov , S. Koltsov, O. Koltsova
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NaamCommunications in Computer and Information Science
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