What do you think of my picture? investigating factors of inuence in profile images context perception

F. Mazza, M.P. Da Silva, P. Le Callet, I.E.J. Heynderickx

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Multimedia quality assessment has been an important research topic during the last decades. The original focus on artifact visibility has been extended during the years to aspects as image aesthetics, interestingness and memorability. More recently, Fedorovskaya proposed the concept of 'image psychology': this concept focuses on additional quality dimensions related to human content processing. While these additional dimensions are very valuable in understanding preferences, it is very hard to define, isolate and measure their effect on quality. In this paper we continue our research on face pictures investigating which image factors inuence context perception. We collected perceived fit of a set of images to various content categories. These categories were selected based on current typologies in social networks. Logistic regression was adopted to model category fit based on images features. In this model we used both low level and high level features, the latter focusing on complex features related to image content. In order to extract these high level features, we relied on crowdsourcing, since computer vision algorithms are not yet sufficiently accurate for the features we needed. Our results underline the importance of some high level content features, e.g. the dress of the portrayed person and scene setting, in categorizing image.

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TitelHuman Vision and Electronic Imaging XX, 8 February 2015, San Francisco, California
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2015
EvenementHuman Vision and Electronic Imaging XX - San Francisco, Verenigde Staten van Amerika
Duur: 9 feb 201512 feb 2015

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CongresHuman Vision and Electronic Imaging XX
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