Wet-chemical synthesis of 3D stacked thin film metal-oxides for all-solid-state li-ion batteries

Evert Jonathan van den Ham, Giulia Maino, Gilles Bonneux, Wouter Marchal, Ken Elen, Sven Gielis, Felix Mattelaer, Christophe Detavernier, Peter H.L. Notten, Marlies K. Van Bael, An Hardy

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By ultrasonic spray deposition of precursors, conformal deposition on 3D surfaces of tungsten oxide (WO₃) negative electrode and amorphous lithium lanthanum titanium oxide (LLT) solid-electrolyte has been achieved as well as an all-solid-state half-cell. Electrochemical activity was achieved of the WO₃ layers, annealed at temperatures of 500 °C. Galvanostatic measurements show a volumetric capacity (415 mAh·cm -3) of the deposited electrode material. In addition, electrochemical activity was shown for half-cells, created by coating WO₃ with LLT as the solid-state electrolyte. The electron blocking properties of the LLT solid-electrolyte was shown by ferrocene reduction. 3D depositions were done on various micro-sized Si template structures, showing fully covering coatings of both WO₃ and LLT. Finally, the thermal budget required for WO₃ layer deposition was minimized, which enabled attaining active WO₃ on 3D TiN/Si micro-cylinders. A 2.6-fold capacity increase for the 3D-structured WO₃ was shown, with the same current density per coated area.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 12 sep 2017


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