Web-based editor for YAWL

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This paper presents a web-based editor that offers YAWL editing capabilities and comprehensive support for the XML format of YAWL. The open-source project Signavio Core Components is extended with a graphical user interface (GUI) for parts of the YAWL Language, and an import-/export component that converts between YAWL and the internal format of Signavio Core Components. This conversion, between the web-based editor and the official YAWL Editor, is lossless so both tools may be used together. Compared to the official YAWL Editor, the web-based editor is missing some features, but could still facilitate the usage of the YAWL system in use cases that are not supported by a desktop application.
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TitelProceedings of the First YAWL Symposium, June 7, 2013, Sankt Augustin, Germany
RedacteurenT. Freytag, A. Hense, A. Hofstede, ter, J. Mendling
StatusGepubliceerd - 2013
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Evenementconference; YAWL Symposium; 2013-06-07; 2013-06-07 -
Duur: 7 jun. 20137 jun. 2013

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Congresconference; YAWL Symposium; 2013-06-07; 2013-06-07
AnderYAWL Symposium


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