Wavelength reconfigurability for next generation optical access networks

N.C. Tran

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Next generation optical access networks should not only increase the capacity but also be able to redistribute the capacity on the fly in order to manage larger variations in traffic patterns. Wavelength reconfigurability is the instrument to enable such capability of network-wide bandwidth redistribution since it allows dynamic sharing of both wavelengths and timeslots in WDM-TDM optical access networks. However, reconfigurability typically requires tunable lasers and tunable filters at the user side, resulting in cost-prohibitive optical network units (ONU). In this dissertation, I propose a novel concept named cyclic-linked flexibility to address the cost-prohibitive problem. By using the cyclic-linked flexibility, the ONU needs to switch only within a subset of two pre-planned wavelengths, however, the cyclic-linked structure of wavelengths allows free bandwidth to be shifted to any wavelength by a rearrangement process. Rearrangement algorithm are developed to demonstrate that the cyclic-linked flexibility performs close to the fully flexible network in terms of blocking probability, packet delay, and packet loss. Furthermore, the evaluation shows that the rearrangement process has a minimum impact to in-service ONUs. To realize the cyclic-linked flexibility, a family of four physical architectures is proposed. PRO-Access architecture is suitable for new deployments and disruptive upgrades in which the network reach is not longer than 20 km. WCL-Access architecture is suitable for metro-access merger with the reach up to 100 km. PSB-Access architecture is suitable to implement directly on power-splitter-based PON deployments, which allows coexistence with current technologies. The cyclically-linked protection architecture can be used with current and future PON standards when network protection is required.
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  • Electrical Engineering
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