W-TiN-SiC materials for high temperature application

L.R. Wolff

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    A compos ite W-TiN-SiC material, as well as the technology for the manufacture of this material, are being developed at the Centre for Technical Ceramics in co-operation with partners in Italy and the Netherlands. The trilayer material will serve as a multifunctional "hot shell" in a combustion heated Thermionic Energy Converter. This device will operate at 1400°C, The composite material simultaneously serves an a protective confinement of the converter, as an emitter electrode and as an electrical lead. The multitude of requirements induced by these three functions of the hot shell are discussed. A brief outline of the design of the thermionic energy converter is given. The way in which the W-TiN-SiC materIal is being produced as well as some preliminary results on the evaluation of this material are presented. The properties determined include thermal fatigue and thermoshock resistance, Young ' s modulus and thermal conductivity. Although the evaluation is still in progress, the results are promising.
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    TitelSurfaces and Interfaces of Ceramic Materials
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    EvenementNATO Advanced Study Institute, CAES-CNRS, - Ile d'Oléron, Frankrijk
    Duur: 4 sep. 198916 sep. 1989

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    CongresNATO Advanced Study Institute, CAES-CNRS,
    StadIle d'Oléron


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