Visualizing traceability in model transformation compositions

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    Analysis and execution of domain-specific models is typically performed by applying model transformations to transform them to formalisms suitable for that purpose. In this way, model transformations provide great exibility. However, it is the transformed models that are analyzed and executed instead of the domain-specific models themselves. Consequently, analysis and execution results have to be traced back to the source models. This raises the issue of traceability in model transformations. This issue becomes even more apparent when compositions of multiple model transformations are considered. Therefore, we propose in this paper to visualize traceability in (compositions of) model transformations. In this visualization, the relation between the transformation functions that comprise a model transformation and the source and target metamodel of that transformation are made explicit.
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    TitelPre-proceedings of the first workshop on Composition and Evolution of Model Transformations (London, UK, September 30, 2011)
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    UitgeverijDepartment of Informatics, King's College London
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