Visualizing time-varying harmonics using filter banks

C.A. Duque, P.M. Da Silveira, P.F. Ribeiro

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Although it is well known that Fourier analysis is in reality only accurately applicable to steady state waveforms, it is a widely used tool to study and monitor time-varying signals, such as are commonplace in electrical power systems. The disadvantages of Fourier analysis, such as frequency spillover or problems due to sampling (data window) truncation can often be minimized by various windowing techniques, but they nevertheless exist. This paper demonstrates that it is possible to track and visualize amplitude and time-varying power systems harmonics, without frequency spillover caused by time–frequency techniques. This new tool allows for a clear visualization of time-varying harmonics, which can lead to better ways to track harmonic distortion and understand time-dependent power quality parameters. It also has the potential to assist with control, protection and power quality applications.
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TijdschriftElectric Power Systems Research
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2011

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