Visualization of voxel data

Marcel Breeuwer (Uitvinder), Javier Oliván-Bescós (Uitvinder), Maurice A. Termeer (Uitvinder)

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The invention relates to visualization of medical images, and in embodiments to the visualization of the left ventricle of the human heart or other organs. A method of visualizing one or more sets of voxel data is disclosed. The method comprising: providing one or more sets of voxel data, providing and segmenting the voxel data in accordance with a segment model. The segmented voxel data is reformatted to fit a reference shape (20) being defined by at least an inner (22) reference surface and an outer (23) reference surface. The reformatted voxel data is mapped to a target shape being defined by at least a first (29) target surface and a second (200) target surface. The target shape is moreover visualized. The mapping of the reformatted voxel data to a target shape is a mapping of one or more property values from the inner reference surface to the first target surface, and from the outer reference surface to the second target surface, and where a direction (26, 27) extending along the inter- surface distance of the reference shape is maintained in the target shape.

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IPCG06T 15/ 08 A I
StatusGepubliceerd - 12 mrt 2009

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