Visual exploration of combined architectural and metric information

M.A. Termeer, C.F.J. Lange, A.C. Telea, M.R.V. Chaudron

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We present MetricView, a software visualization and exploration tool that combines traditional UML diagram visualization with metric visualization in an effective way. MetricView is very easy and natural to use for software architects and developers yet offers a powerful set of mechanisms that allow fine customization of the visualizations for getting specific insights. We discuss several visual and architectural design choices which turned out to be important in the construction of MetricView, and illustrate our approach with several results using real-life datasets.
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TitelProceedings 3rd IEEE International Workshop on Visualizing Software for Understanding and Analysis (VISSOFT 2005, Budapest, Hungary, September 25, 2005)
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UitgeverijIEEE Computer Society
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2005


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