Viscosity of silicate solutions

J.C.J. Donck, van der, H.N. Stein

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High precision viscosity measurements of electrolyte solns. were used to obtain information about interionic interactions. In solns. of Me4N+ (TMA) silicates values for the A and D coeff. in the Jones-Dole equation are significantly higher than for Na and K silicate solns. Ion assocn. between cations and anions in the silicate solns. studied is excluded by EMF measurements. The A and D coeffs. of solns. which contain both alkali metal and TMA silicate were in the range of the values of alkali metal silicate solns. As an explanation for this behavior probably hydrophilic and hydrophobic structured solvent regions are present around resp. the silicate and the TMA which cannot overlap. This causes a repulsion between these ions superimposed on the electrostatic attraction. [on SciFinder (R)]
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1993

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