Variability resilient sense amplifier with reduced energy consumption

V. Sharma (Uitvinder), S. Cosemans (Uitvinder), W. Dehaene (Uitvinder), F. Catthoor (Uitvinder), M. Ashouei (Uitvinder), J. Huisken (Uitvinder)

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An ultra low power sense amplifier circuit for amplifying a low swing input signal to a full swing output signal is disclosed. In one aspect, the amplifier circuit includes a first amplifier stage for pre-amplifying the input signal to an intermediate signal on its internal nodes, a second amplifier stage for amplifying the intermediate signal to the output signal, and a control circuit for sequentially activating the first and second amplifier. The first amplifier has a capacitor for limiting energy consumption and two upsized PMOS transistors without NMOS transistors.

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IPCG11C 7/ 02 A I
StatusGepubliceerd - 15 mrt 2012
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