Uterine peristalsis and fertility: current knowledge and future perspectives: a review and meta-analysis

N.P.M. Kuijsters, W.G. Methorst, M.S.Q. Kortenhorst, C. Rabotti, M. Mischi, B.C. Schoot

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Although uterine contractions in the non-pregnant uterus have been studied extensively, the knowledge gained has not been used in general fertility treatment work-up. In this review paper, we provide an overview of the current knowledge on uterine peristalsis (UP), based on the available literature. This literature shows that UP influences pregnancy chances in both natural and artificial cycles. Although the physiological background of these contractions is not completely clear, we know that several factors can be of influence, like uterine pathologies and hormones. Several options to alter pregnancy outcome by interfering with uterine contractions have been studied. Our meta-analysis on therapeutic options shows positive results of progesterone at time of embryo transfer in IVF cycles or prostaglandins at time of intrauterine insemination, although the quality of evidence is low. These therapies are probably most beneficial in selected groups of patients with abnormal contraction patterns. The introduction of an objective and user-friendly UP measuring tool suitable for use in daily practice would make it possible to identify and monitor these patients. We suggest that future research should focus on the physiology of initiation of UP and on the development of an effective standard measuring tool.
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TijdschriftReproductive BioMedicine Online
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1 jul 2017

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