Understanding IoT systems: a life cycle approach

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Internet of Things (IoT) systems and the corresponding network architectures are complex due to distributed services on many IoT devices collaboratively fulfilling common goals of IoT applications. System requirements for different types of IoT application domains are still not well-established. The life cycle view is one of the views used for system architecting, showing different stakeholders' concerns at every stage of the life cycle to derive system requirements. We employ the life cycle view to understand IoT systems in different IoT application domains. Our contribution is the definition of a generic life cycle model for IoT, which is specified by observations on life cycles of existing IoT solutions and generalizations taking into account important IoT functionalities and quality attributes. Such generic life cycle model for IoT was non-existent.

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Evenement9th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies, ANT 2018 - Porto, Indonesië
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