Uncertainty and reliability analysis of fluid-structure stability boundaries

C.V. Verhoosel, T.P. Scholcz, S.J. Hulshoff, M.A. Gutierrez

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    Fluid–structure interactions provide design constraints in many fields, yet methods available for their analysis normally assume that the structural properties are exactly known. In this contribution, these properties are more realistically modeled using random fields. Stochastic finite element methods are applied to perform uncertainty and reliability analysis on fluid–structure interaction problems with random input parameters. As an example we consider panel divergence and panel flutter. Numerical simulations demonstrate the appropriateness of sensitivitybased methods for characterization of the statistical moments of the critical points as well as for the determination of the probability of occurrence of undesired phenomena
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    TijdschriftAIAA Journal
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2009


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