Uncertain Curve Simplification

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We study polygonal curve simplification under uncertainty, where instead of a sequence of exact points, each uncertain point is represented by a region, which contains the (unknown) true location of the vertex. The regions we consider are discrete sets of points, line segments, and convex polygons. We are interested in finding the shortest subsequence of uncertain points such that no matter what the true location of each point is, the resulting polygonal curve is a valid simplification of the original curve under the Hausdorff distance. We present polynomial-time algorithms for this problem.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 7 apr. 2021
Evenement37th European Workshop on Computational Geometry - Online, Saint Petersburg, Rusland
Duur: 7 apr. 20219 apr. 2021
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Congres37th European Workshop on Computational Geometry
Verkorte titelEuroCG 2021
StadSaint Petersburg
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