Ultrasound imaging modalities

M. Mischi, N.G. Rognin, M. Averkiou

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After a short introduction on generation and propagation of ultrasound waves, this chapter presents and discusses currently available and emerging ultrasound imaging modalities, such as standard modes in one, two, and three dimensions; Doppler and nonlinear imaging, including also the use of ultrasound contrast agents; and quantitative imaging, ranging from tissue characterization by analysis of speckle, strain, and elastic properties of tissue to perfusion imaging quantification. Emerging imaging modalities, such as molecular imaging (and treatment) by targeted agents and hybrid (photo- and magnetoacoustics) imaging, are also presented. Each technique is discussed with the aim of bridging basic principles with implementation and clinical application and relevance.
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TitelComprehensive Biomedical Physics - Volume 2
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014


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