Ultra-high capacity indoor optical wireless communication using 2D-steered pencil beams

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Free-space indoor optical communication deploying pencil beams can offer ultra-high wireless capacity individually per user device. By means of two-dimensional (2D) diffractive modules, such as a pair of crossed gratings, 2D steering of multiple beams by just tuning the wavelength of each beam can be achieved. The design aspects of an indoor system fed via an intelligent optical fiber backbone network are discussed. 2D angular beam steering over a 6° × 12° area was achieved by wavelength tuning from 1505 to 1630 nm. System experiments using PAM-4 modulation have shown a capacity of 32 Gbit/s per infrared beam. With radio-over-fiber techniques and optical carrier recovery from the downstream signal, 10 Gbit/s upstream transmission of a 60 GHz radio signal has been shown using adaptive DMT modulation.

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