Tuning the phase diagram of colloid-polymer mixtures via Yukawa

A. Gonzalez Garcia, R. Tuinier

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Theory that predicts the phase behavior of interacting Yukawa spheres in a solution containing nonadsorbing polymer is presented. Our approach accounts for multiple overlap of depletion zones. It is found that additional Yukawa interactions beyond hard core interactions strongly affect the location and presence of coexistence regions and phase states. The theoretical phase diagrams are compared with Monte Carlo simulations. The agreement between the two approaches supports the validity of the theoretical approximations made and confirms that, by choosing the parameters of the interaction potentials, tuning of the binodals is possible. The critical end point characterizes the phase diagram topology. It is demonstrated how an additional Yukawa interaction shifts this point with respect to the hard sphere case. Provided a certain depletant-to-colloid size ratio for which a stable colloidal gas-liquid phase coexistence takes place for hard spheres, added direct interactions turn this into a metastable gas-liquid equilibrium. The opposite case, the induction of a stable gas-liquid coexistence where only fluid-solid was present for hard spheres, is also reported.
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TijdschriftPhysical Review
StatusGepubliceerd - 16 dec 2016

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