Trends in domestic energy use reduction and private renewable energy production

Patrick Van Schijndel (Corresponding author)

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Domestic energy use can be directly influenced by personal choices. These choices include the selection of equipment (efficiency), mode of equipment use, consumer behaviour but also by self-production of electricity, space heating and/or cooling. Intelligent meters showing the actual use of electricity give insight in domestic energy use and is crucial in decreasing domestic energy use. However, households need better access to knowledge and experiences of experts to understand the potential choices to decrease their use of energy. Housing and equipment 'labelling' can give some support with these choices, but need to be more uniform and clear. Households controlling their own usage of energy and home production of electricity can make substantial savings on their energy bills. The paper describes experiences in practical situations using long term scientific and professional experiences.

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StatusGepubliceerd - 10 nov. 2020
Evenement5th International Conference on Energy, Environmental and Information System, ICENIS 2020 - Semarang, Indonesië
Duur: 12 aug. 202013 aug. 2020


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