Transitional droplet growth and diffusion coefficients

P. Peeters, C.C.M. Luijten, M.E.H. Dongen, van

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    The droplet growth models of Gyarmathy and Young, valid for arbitrary Knudsen numbers, are compared with experimental growth results obtained from expansion wave tube experiments. Growth experiments of n-pentanol in helium were performed at approximately 1 bar, resulting in growth curves stretching from the transition regime (Kn˜1) to the continuum regime (Kn1). Droplet growth experiments of water in helium and water in nitrogen were performed at elevated pressures, when the mean free path is small; hence, these growth curves are situated near the continuum regime. For Kn > 0.1, the Gyarmathy model appears to describe the experimental growth curves better than the Young model. However, for Kn <0.02, the Young model gives the best results. For the water–helium and water–nitrogen systems new experimental diffusion coefficients are obtained, which are in good agreement with literature data.
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