Transition in layer structure of atomic/molecular layer deposited ZnO-zincone multilayers

Janne Niemelä (Corresponding author), Morteza Aghaee, Erwin Kessels, Adriana Creatore, Marcel Verheijen

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In this work, atomic-resolution transmission electron microscopy studies show that in atomic/molecular layer deposited ZnO-zincone [(ZnO)a(Zn-O-C6H4-O)b] multilayer thin films, ZnO crystals grow vertically and continuously through lateral zincone monolayers. When the thickness of zincone is increased from one to few monolayers, the growth of the ZnO crystals becomes confined, leading to the formation of discrete ZnO/zincone interfaces accompanied by a decrease in roughness. Apart from providing understanding on the formation of interfaces and on the structure of hybrid multilayers, these findings are relevant, e.g., for understanding thermoelectric interface phenomena at inorganicorganic
interfaces and x-ray reflectometry of hybrid multilayer thin films.
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TijdschriftJournal of Vacuum Science and Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films
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Vroegere onlinedatum31 mei 2019
StatusGepubliceerd - 1 jul 2019

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