Trace- and failure-based semantics for responsiveness

W. Vogler, C. Stahl, R. Müller

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We study open systems modeled as Petri nets with an interface for asynchronous communication with other open systems. As a minimal requirement for successful communication, we investigate bounded responsiveness, which guarantees that an open system and its environment always have the possibility to communicate, while the number of pending messages never exceeds a previously known bound. Bounded responsiveness accordance describes when one open system can be safely replaced by another open system. We present a trace-based characterization for accordance. As this relation turns out not to be compositional (i.e., it is no precongruence), we characterize the coarsest compositional relation (i.e., the coarsest precongruence) that is contained in this relation, using a variation of should testing, and show decidability.
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TitelAdvances in Service-Oriented and Cloud Computing (Workshops of ESOCC 2013, Málaga, Spain, September 11-13, 2013, Revised Selected Papers)
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