Towards catalysis in a sustainable fine chemical industry

L.A. Hulshof

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Bio- and chemocatalysis are important tooIs, but not the onIy tools in tbe fine chemicaI toolbox to develop sustainable processes on an industrial scale. Catalysis may play an important role in improving multistep syntheses of products more cornplicated in molecular architecture. Additionally, fine chemicaI technology is an essential element in a sustainable development of next-century society, enabling responsiveness to an ever increasing demand for highly tuned application products. An improvement factor of nearly a factor of 20 in clean and green technology will be required to realise economical growth by accommodating tbe ecological targets. The present position of the fine chemicaI industry will not be adequate on the long run to succeed. Sustainable technology development will he required to prepare this industry for the future. Examples in catalysis are discussed demonstrating that a promising start bas been made, but an excellent performance in fine chemical technology development is prerequisite to meet the sustainability targets.
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TitelEnvironmental catalysis
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