Towards a general stability analysis of process network systems

Leyla Ozkan, B. Erik Ydstie

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This paper considers process systems whose dynamics are described by conservation laws for extensive variables and second law of thermodynamics and which can also been considered as interconnected (network) systems. In representing the dynamics and the analysis of network systems Tellegen's theorem and the passivity theory are used. Different from the usual application of these two methods on large scale systems, in this work, we only consider a single unit (node). For a single process unit, we apply the Tellegen's theorem and using a suitable storage function, derive the expression for the rate of change of the storage function. This expression is obtained for the cases of single phase and binary phases.

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StatusGepubliceerd - jul 2019
Evenement3rd IFAC Workshop on Thermodynamic Foundations for a Mathematical Systems Theory, TFMST 2019 - Louvain-la-Neuve, België
Duur: 3 mei 20195 jul 2019

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