Towards a contractual approach for transaction management

T. Wang, J. Vonk, P.W.P.J. Grefen

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We model and analyse a business case from a dual view of process and service perspectives. We discover that a common understanding of transactional reliability is missing between the parties collaborating in this case. Therefore, we propose to enclose a transactional quality of service (TxQoS) specification in a service level agreement (SLA) to infuse transactional semantics into e-contracts for contract-driven service-oriented processes. A contract structure with a business terminology is designed to enable unambiguous interpretation and understanding of transactional qualities between the business and technical communities as well as between the contracting parties. A framework is developed consisting of an architecture, a mapping-matching model and a monitoring mechanism to support the TxQoS approach.
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TijdschriftEnterprise Information Systems
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2008


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