Toughness of high-density polyethylene with hard filler particles

B.A.G. Schrauwen, L.E. Govaert, H.E.H. Meijer

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The impact toughness of high-density polyethylene modified with calcium carbonate particles was investigated for different processing conditions. The increase in toughness differed not only between compression and injection moulded samples, but also between samples with different position in an injection moulded bar, and injected with different temperature during the injection moulding process. Therefore, the influence of crystal orientation was investigated, as influenced by the processing conditions used. It was found that the effectiveness of hard filler particles on improved impact toughness of HDPE is dominantly controlled by flow induced crystal orientation, rather than by heterogeneous nucleation on the particle surface. The resulting crystal orientation obtained by injection moulding is complex and the anisotropic nature of the crystallized matrix becomes more pronounced once the material is tested perpendicular to the flow direction. The large increase in impact properties is almost completely lost here.
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TitelPPS-17 : the Polymer Processing Society seventeenth annual meeting, May 21-24, 2001, Montreal, Canada : conference proceedings / Ed. L. Leblanc
RedacteurenL. Leblanc
Plaats van productieMontreal
UitgeverijPolymer Processing Society
StatusGepubliceerd - 2001
Evenement17th Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS-17) - Montreal, Canada
Duur: 21 mei 200124 mei 2001
Congresnummer: 17


Congres17th Annual Meeting of the Polymer Processing Society (PPS-17)
Verkorte titelPPS
Anderseventeenth annual meeting of the Polymer Processing society

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