Topologically safe curved schematisation

A.I. Goethem, van, W. Meulemans, A. Reimer, H.J. Haverkort, B. Speckmann

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Traditionally schematised maps make extensive use of curves. However, automated methods for schematisation are mostly restricted to straight lines. We present a generic framework for topology-preserving curved schematisation that allows a choice of quality measures and curve types. The framework fits a curve to every part of the input. It uses Voronoi diagrams to ensure that curves fitted to disjoint parts do not intersect. The framework then employs a dynamic program to find an optimal schematisation using the fitted curves. Our fully-automated approach does not need critical points or salient features. We illustrate our framework with Bézier curves and circular arcs.
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TijdschriftThe Cartographic Journal
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2013


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