Time-resolved SEM and TEM technology for nanophotonics

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We are developing femtosecond electron beam techniques, based on 3 GHz microwave cavities accurately synchronized to a mode-locked laser, for pump-probe electron diffraction and microscopy experiments. We propose to excite plasmons at the nanoscale with the femtosecond pulsed electron beam, and study both the emitted light, using nonlinear optical gating techniques, and the energy loss suffered by the electrons. The latter may be accomplished by a new time-resolved, TM110- cavity-based EELS technique we recently proposed. At TU/e a femtosecond SEM setup is currently operational. In the end of 2014 a femtosecond TEM will be installed in our lab as well.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2014
Evenementconference; EBSN workshop - AMOLF, 3 juni 2014; 2014-06-03; 2014-06-03 -
Duur: 3 jun 20143 jun 2014


Congresconference; EBSN workshop - AMOLF, 3 juni 2014; 2014-06-03; 2014-06-03
AnderEBSN workshop - AMOLF, 3 juni 2014

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