Time-of-flight electron energy loss spectroscopy using TM110 deflection cavities

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We demonstrate the use of two TM110 resonant cavities to generate ultrashort
electron pulses and subsequently measure electron energy losses in a time-of-flight type of setup. The method utilizes two synchronized microwave cavities separated by a drift space of 1.45 m. The setup has an energy resolution of 1262 eV FWHM at 30 keV, with an upper limit for the temporal resolution of 2.760.4 ps. Both the time and energy resolution are currently limited by the brightness of the tungsten filament electron gun used. Through simulations, it is shown that an energy resolution of 0.95 eV and a temporal resolution of 110 fs can be achieved using an electron gun with a higher brightness. With this, a new method is provided for time-resolved electron spectroscopy without the need for elaborate laser setups or expensive magnetic spectrometers.
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