Time multiplexed beam-forming with space-frequency transformation

W. Deng, R. Mahmoudi, A.H.M. Roermund, van

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This book describes a unique approach to smart receiver system design. It starts with the analysis of a very basic, single-path receiver structure, then using similar methods, extends the analysis to a more complicated multi-path receiver. Within the multi-path structure, two different types of phased –array architectures are discussed: Analog beam-forming, and digital beam-forming. The pros and cons are studied, and the gaps are identified. Whereas previous books in this area focus mainly on phased-array circuit implementations, this book fills a gap by providing a system-level approach and introduces new methods for developing smart systems. Enables readers to design a smart phased-array receiver system, using spatial to frequency mapping techniques; Provides a generalized phased-array receiver simulation that enables analog and digital co-design; Discusses a flexible phased-array structure with both analog and digital beam-forming properties; Describes a real, low-cost integrated solution of the 30GHz phased-array front-end system and verifies its performance.
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