Thing theory & urban objects at EXPO '58

J.G. Wallis De Vries (Redacteur)

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This issue of Seminarch us devoted to the seminar Urban Objects at the Expo '58, a Thing Theory for Urbanism, initiated by Karel Wuytack, from Ghent, who is pursuing his PhD at our faculty under the supervision of prof. B. Colenbrander. The 15 participants in this Master's seminar studied the thing theory of Bill Brown, who distinguishes an object from a thing, and invites us to look at the world mediated by the thingness of objects. Students gained a fresh perception of the city and particularly of the EXPO 58 in Brussels, currently the 'object' of plans for reuse. Every student made a thematic study of the world exhibition, for example the gates, the signals, the Atomium, or the Philips Pavilion. This mapped the entire site.
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