Thermodynamic evaluation of the Al₂O₃-Al₄C₃ system and stability of Al-oxycarbides

C. Qiu, R. Metselaar

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Thermodynamic properties of the pseudo-binary A1203-Al4C3 system have been evaluated based on thermodynamicmodels. An ionic-liquid model was applied to the liquid slagphase and a compound-energy model to AI20C. Both themodels are with two sublattices and the latter one can beextended to describe the solid solution phases formedamong A120C, AIN, and SiC. A description of the systemwas obtained and then used to calculate the A120 3-A14C3phase diagram which shows satisfactory agreement withexperimental observation. A series of potential diagramswas also calculated for the AI-C-O system, which illustratethe effect of partial pressures of AI, CO, and CO2 gas on thestability of A14C3, A120 3, AI40 4C, and Al20C at differenttemperatures. These diagrams can provide an importantbasis for the carbo thermic reduction of alumina to produceA14C3 ·
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TijdschriftZeitschrift fuer Metallkunde
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StatusGepubliceerd - 1995


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