Thematic poster on women in mathematics in the Netherlands

Maria Vlasiou, Anna Kruseman

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The poster depicts the most recent information (2014) on the num-
ber of women in the mathematical departments in the Netherlands.
It also oers a summary of the number of women across all sciences
in the country in 2017. Last, it lists some current actions to promote
diversity on a national level, and some past and future activities of
the local association of female mathematicians.
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StatusGepubliceerd - 31 jul. 2018
EvenementWorld Meeting for Women in Mathematics: (WM)^2 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazilië
Duur: 31 jul. 201831 jul. 2018
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CongresWorld Meeting for Women in Mathematics
Verkorte titelWMWM
StadRio de Janeiro
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