The yield of different combined PV-thermal collector designs

H.A. Zondag, D.W. Vries, de, W.G.J. Helden, van, R.J.C. Zolingen, van, A.A. Steenhoven, van

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Various concepts of combined PV-thermal collectors are possible. These concepts differ in their approach to obtain the maximum yield and it is not easy to say whether the yield of a complicated design will be substantially higher than the yield of a simpler one. In order to obtain a clearer view on the expected yield of the various concepts, nine different designs were evaluated. The channel-below-transparent-PV design gives the best efficiency, but since the annual efficiency of the PV-on-sheet-and-tube design in a solar heating system was only 2% worse while it is easier to manufacture, this design was considered to be a good alternative.
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