The value of play: designing for open-ended play

Helle Marie Skovbjerg, M.M. Bekker

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* Play moods – A language for play experiences Inaugural lecture by Professor MSO Helle Marie Skovbjerg Play is a common human experience that enables participants to explore who they are, their relationship to the world, to other people and to the materials that they have access to. To be in play is to explore what a human is. How is it possible to grasp that human experience? In this talk I will present the mood perspective, as a way to capture the poetics of play as a human experience. Developing a language that fits the experience of play may lead to new types of design decisions.
* Designing for open-ended play Inaugural lecture by Honorary Professor Tilde Bekker Play as an activity has very powerful properties that ensure that play is a self-propelling joyful experience. People engaging in play have a sense of freedom to explore, create meaning while they play, improvise along the way and enjoy the overall experience. How can designers exploit these powerful properties not only for play, but also for other domains such as health and education? The talk discusses different perspectives on play that can guide the design of interactive products and systems.
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Inaugural Lectures by Professor Helle Marie Skovbjerg and Honorary Professor Tilde Bekker Presented on 1 May 2018 at Design School Kolding,

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