The toilet of the future: design of a friendly restroom for elderly and disabled

R. Bruin, de, J.F.M. Molenbroek

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    Although the topic still is surrounded by taboos in our modern society, the toilet area recently is becoming more and more subject of study and even redesign. The objective of the EU funded project ‘Friendly Rest Room’ (2002-2005) was to provide recommendations for improving the toilet area, in particular focussing on the special needs of elderly and disabled, by performing several user studies and exploring the potential of assistive technologies. The 10 project partners from 8 different European countries assured as well a multidisciplinary as multicultural vision on the subject matter. This paper describes the approach that was chosen and in more detail the different ergonomic user studies that were performed. Problems and experiences with regards to ethics and cultural differences will be discussed. The results are presented in a basic list of user problems and illustrated by the first product development steps of the ‘toilet of the future’.
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    TitelProceedings IEA2006 Meeting Diversity in Ergonomics
    RedacteurenR.N. Pikaar, E.A.P. Koningsveld, P.J.M. Settels
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    StatusGepubliceerd - 2006
    Evenement16th IEA World Congress on Ergonomics - Maastricht, Nederland
    Duur: 10 jul 200614 jul 2006


    Congres16th IEA World Congress on Ergonomics
    AnderIEA 2006

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