The Sublime in churches and mosques

N. Doudouh, S. van Ginderen

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Fear gives us the ability to experience the sublime in various situations when we talk about the sublime in architecture.According to Edmund Burke what causes this fear on a person, is darkness and vastness. Can it be that places of worship have been built for the purpose of expressing the sublime? With the analysis of Edmund Burke's theory on the sublime and Ralph Brodrück's essay on Hermann Schmitz's System der Philisophie, this article atempts to give an answer to question by practicing the theory on two case-studies, The Hagia Sophia (once a church, converted tomosque) and The Great Mosque of Córdoba (once a mosque, converted to church).
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TitelThe empty church and the sublime / ed. by G. Wallis-de Vries
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UitgeverijTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven
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StatusGepubliceerd - 2012

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