The partner selection process : steps, effectiveness, governance

D. Duisters, G.M. Duysters, A.P. Man, de

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Selecting the right partner is important for creating value in alliances. Even though prior research suggests that a structured partner selection process increases alliance success, empirical research remains scarce. This paper presents an explorative empirical study that shows that some steps in the partner selection process are more important than others. We also find evidence that a structured partner selection process contributes more to alliance success than an informal process. Another finding is that companies tend to focus on early phases of the partner selection process whereas the data suggest that paying attention to later phases is more important. Finally, alliances are more likely to be successful when the partners pay attention to the legal dimension of their partner selection process. Taking a legal perspective and providing an adequate governance structure for the selection process may diminish conflict between partners and increase success.
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TijdschriftInternational Journal of Strategic Business Alliances
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