The need for novel model order reduction techniques in the electronics industry (Chapter 1)

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In this paper, we discuss the present and future needs of the electronics industry with regard to model order reduction. The industry has always been one of the main motivating fields for the development of MOR techniques, and continues to play this role. We discuss the search for provably passive methods, as well as passivity enforcement methods that are currently being developed. Structure preservation is another important research topic, for which new concepts are being developed. This also holds for the calculation of delays in long interconnect lines, a topic that leads to an entirely new type of methods. Topics that are still in their infancy are model order reduction for parameterized and nonlinear problems. We will discuss what the needs of the industry are in all of these fields, show specific applications and what has been achieved so far. The paper is meant as a guideline for future research, not as a detailed survey of existing methods.
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